Prepointe Shoes/Adult Training Wheels

I bought training wheels!


So here’s my current progress on fixing up some prepointe (pre pointe? pre-pointe?) shoes. I have managed to get the ribbons and elastic on… and I beat the fucking shit out of them by stepping all over them (I assume that’s part of the process).

Why prepointe shoes? Well, I do have a goal of starting pointe next January (two year balletversary) and I thought it would be good to learn how to drive these suckers on dry land. Also, I’m impatient and…ooh look! Pretty shoes!

So there.


I am also cutting the vamp into a V shape and reattaching the binding on the advice of my instructor. I’ll post more on that later. Luckily for me, I’m a sewer first and a dancer second. 

A list of awesome stuff about sewing pointe shoes (even if you’re not going on pointe any time soon):

  • Fuck yeah…BALLET CRAFTS! 
  • I finally have an excuse to sew with dental floss.
  • I’ve altered almost every type of garment, but it never occurred to me to alter my shoes. New newness!
  • It gives me something to do while I eat garlic bread.


Ballet + Crafts + Carbs = FUCK YEAH!


So…yeah. I’ll try to stop being new-relationship-girl and actually take some time to blog.

In other news…I’m finally up to three classes a week! Woot and double woot!

Hi and bye!


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