I’m in love, and that gives me the right to be obnoxious. I am taking that out on you, Dear Reader. Here is a poem. And since it’s a poem, all grammatical and spelling errors are intentional. I thought about them! That makes them art!!1!

❤ Kathleen


We’re not built for this shit (antenna)



All the signals burn

and you try to turn down the volume

but the frequency is still too strong

and you can’t seem to tune out–

be numb or be burned.


Look at everyone

with all their tuning knobs

modulating all patterns at once.


We’re left without a simple off switch

just a blanket to cover

to muffle some of the electricity.


Every inch of bandwidth is like lightning

               –content makes no difference

caught perpetually processing

unceasing sensory input destroying

the delicate wires inside.


come stand beside me

and let me be your mirror

we can stand together

pointed to the sky

and as the lightning strikes

at least you’ll know that

you’re not the only one who scorches from end to end


and if we can’t bend any other way

at least we can try to fade each other’s signals

attenuate the world for each other

flatten our surface for the sake of sanity


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