(Updated) Finding an Adult Ballet Intensive…

…is hard. Too hard, I say.

I mean, what kind of person doesn’t want to use their week off and entire vacation budget to travel across the country in order to dance for 6-8 hours a day?

What’s that you say? You don’t want to spend your entire vacation working out?


Well, since I couldn’t possibly afford the ever-popular Sun King Dance Camp offered in Richmond, I had to keep searching to find a place to wear myself out on my vacation this year.

So I kept searching. And searching. And searching.

Maybe if I chew on it….?

I’m sure I spent a good five hours Googling before I found an adult intensive that would take beginners over 18…and would actually reply to my emails.

But now the search is over! I’m officially signed up to go to the Berkeley Ballet Theater‘s adult summer shape up intensive. The tuition is far more affordable, I can stay with friends in the Bay Area, and they actually responded to my email! Bonus.

Are any of you other grown-ass ballerinas going to an intensive this summer? Lemme hear ya. Maybe we can meet up for vegan pancakes or some jazz.
UPDATE:  BBT has had their website re-did…the link has been updated! They recommend 2-3 years of experience but I figure 1.625 will suit me just fine. I’m very used to being at the back of the class. See you there!

7 thoughts on “(Updated) Finding an Adult Ballet Intensive…

  1. I planning to go to Sun King in Richmond. I’m lucky because I’m a local so it makes it much more affordable since I don’t have to pay for a hotel or flights. It’s still expensive so I’m definitely considering it my vacation or stay-cation or whatever! I looked into Berkley and it looks like a great program! Good luck and have fun:)!

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    • It would definitely be much more affordable without the flight/hotel. I live near a regional airport out West so flights going East are way overpriced. I’m hoping to go to the Vancouver one if I ever get to intermediate. 🙂
      Can’t wait to read about Richmond! Good luck to you as well.

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  2. I thought about Sun King, especially as I saw that they now take Level 1 beginners for their Richmond intensive. However, the cost of tuition (plus an amount that would match or exceed that for hotels, travel, and food) is a big reason why it may not be an option. If it was local I would so do it though!
    Now I’m off to read about the Berkeley Ballet intensive. Way closer to home for me, so hopefully I’ll like what I’m about to read!

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      • I was looking it over, and I want to because it is super affordable and practically around the block compared to Richmond (and running into my favorite vegan, punk rock ballerina would be cool!), but unfortunately the fact that it’s all levels and from age 13 and up makes me a little nervous. I’ve heard those older kids can really kick some ballet-ass!
        But then, it’s not until August, so assuming it doesn’t fill up I have some time to make up my mind on it. Have fun though! 🙂

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      • I would love to meet one of my fellow ballet blogging soldiers! Haha…
        I figured I would be at or toward the bottom of the skill level range, but this is very similar to the open classes that I’m used to taking. And I’ve learned way too much from frighteningly talented pre-teens in class to avoid them. 🙂 Ballet can be very humbling.


      • Oh wow, late reply, my bad…
        Hmmm, I am pretty close to the bottom of the skill level range in my Intermediate class, so it may not be much different. Ballet is very humbling indeed…

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